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About The Happy Mum Co

Mothers (and fathers) fulfil so many roles within the family. Whether it is being a Comforter, a Friend, a Teacher, a Disciplinarian or even a Chauffer, most people will agree that no matter where they live, no matter their background, Mums and Dads fulfill all these roles and many more and often all of them all at once!

Working Families' Challenges 

The Team at The Happy Mum Co helps families from different cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life to effectively adapt their parenting methods to changing circumstances. As no two people are the same, so no two families are the same and each family faces its own unique sets of challenges. We work with you to bring the best out in yourself, your partner as well as your children. Our world has changed, and the challenges faced by working families now are much more different than before.

Some of the challenges we can help you with are:

* Concerns about Fussy Eating

* Managing Sibling Squabbles and Rivalry 

*Positive and Effective Discipline  

*Keeping your Child Safe Online 

*Protecting your Child from Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse

*Tips on teaching your Child to be kind and Well Mannered

* Getting your Child or Teenager to listen and follow your Instructions

* Managing Difficult Behaviour - Children and Teenagers 

* Helping your Teenagers to become Responsible and Trustworthy Adults 

 We, at The Happy Mum Co, are here to help you meet those and many more challenges effectively.

Expecting Mum


New Mum


Working Mum


Stay-at-Home Mum


Types of Families


Nuclear families can be described by many as two adults raising a child or multiple children in their household unit. 


Joint families can be defined as core family, i.e. the adults and their immediate children as well as in-laws such as grand parents, aunts and uncles and cousins etc co-habiting within the same household. 


Single parent families are made up of one adult raising a child or multiple children on their own

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We also run weekly surveys to priorities discussions and topics that are currently relevant and concern parents the most and incorporate those in our webinars.

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