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Working mum and dad

In recent times, it is commonplace, even necessary, for husbands and wives to both work to support the family. Don’t forget… in addition to all the work and family responsibilities, childbirth and rearing and running errands etc., women also have their unique sets of emotional needs. While a working mother plays an integral part in the smooth running of the family, she cannot fulfil her role without the love, support, understanding and appreciation from her family to help her keep her mojo in fulfilling her role.


Achieving a healthy work-life balance can be a delicate juggling act for most people. But if you're a working mum or dad, balancing the demands of work and home life can sometimes cause more stress than it’s worth it.

Indeed working parents have a lot on their plates. They have to cope with the ongoing need to arrange and pay for childcare and manage things like after-school activities, the daily school run and making school holiday arrangements. But on the other hand they may have to work extra hours too.

You may find that often the whole brunt of work, household, kids falls on the shoulders of one parent, usually the mum. We, at The Happy Mum Co, are here to help you, the working parent, organise a successful work-life balance for your family.

Check out our Workshops for Working parents. You will find useful information and personalised practical tips on organising your family life to achieve success. Some of the topics we will consider are:

  1. Keeping up your productivity while working from home or another place of work

  2. Spending quality time with your family and meeting their individual emotional and physical needs

  3. Helping your children with home schooling according to their ages

  4. Working from home and home-schooling at the same time

  5. Keeping yourself and your family active and healthy

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